Ali Shan’s supporters left him and joined PTI in Mirpur

Mirpur: Ali Shan got a political shock as many of his supporters left him and announced their support with PTI. PPP and Muslim League (N) supporters in Samahni left their respective parties and joined PTI. They announced their support in the presence of Barrister Sultan.

According to details, Barrister Sultan welcomed them and thanked them for their support. While addressing the press conference, he said that he is very happy to see people joining in with PTI and supporting its vision. PTI is solely working for its nation and for the betterment of country. People are now getting aware of this fact and accepting it.
We are working very hard for the betterment of this country. We are working on some projects to demolish poor and rich differences from the country. We are working for the improvement of education sector as well and for law and order as well. We want justice for this nation. We will finish the crime from country. He said that by the support of this much people, they would definitely win the coming elections and will make the country proud.