Alama Iqbal Road, Street Lights have been Out for a few Months Causing Accidents on the Road

The street lights on Alama Iqbal road have not been working for a few months now. There is no other light on most part of the road, and is causing accidents.

Mirpur, Alama Iqbal Road’s street lights that go from Chawk Shaheeda to Kalyal turn. Have been out of order for the past few months.

As Municipal corporation has given the responsibility of the bill for these lights. As he claimed that he will place sign boards on these pole and pay the bill with the money that comes from the advisements.

The first thing he did was remove all the lights worth in lacks, and has installed cheap solar panel lights. The lights given out  by these new bulbs made anything hardly visible, for past few months the solar panels installed are not working.

On the other hand the same man is earning many lacks a month by placing huge boards on these poles.

The locals are protesting that the original lights should replace these new solar lights, as they are of no use and causing accidents.