AJK University Finally Proved Their Worth after Failing a Single Task

AJK University has proved their worth, by messing up a simple details and pictures on a few examination slips.

The AJK university has finally proved that they are worthless by messing up something as simple as details and pictures on examination slips.

The 4 boys from Government Boys Degree College will pay a heavy price, as there is not much they can do now.

Afzalpur, 4 students details are pictures were mixed up by the employees of AJK University, for which they will pay a heavy price.

College staff and parents are worried about the situation, as there is not much they can do about it.

Shazad Hussain, Mohammed Qaseem, Moahmmed Mubeen, and Mihammed Nasir’s role numer slips were mixed up in details and pictures.

Even if they appear for the exams and pass with flying colours, it will all be for nothing. As the degree they recieve will have the wrong details, which will cause problems in the future.

The college and parents of the 4 boys want the staff in question to be fired by AJK University.