AJK Government should solve problems of the Affecteds of 1210

Mirpur (2ndSeptember2014 Bureau Report) PM Azad Kashmir Ch Abdul Majeed should fulfill his promises to the people of Azad Kashmir. Our sacrifices have been for the greater benefit of Pakistan and we have resolved that at every level and every forum the peaceful movement for the rehabilitation of each and every affected of Mangla Dam will continue.

We are supporting all the Organizations related to Affecteds of Mangla Dam with a positive thinking. The sacrifices of the Affecteds of 2010 of the project for Mangla Dam Extension are unpralleled and expose their flawless character to everyone that they think of prosperity and solidarity of Pakistan as part of their faith. The Government of Azad Kashmir should solve the problems of Affecteds of1210 to end the restlessness there will be no compromise on the basic human necessities. These views were expressed at a joint meeting of the Representative Committees for Mangla Dam Affecteds, The Mangla Dam extension Communication Committee and Mangla Dam Action Committee by the Supervisor Action Committee Mirza Abdul Bashir Jarral, Chairman Extension Communications Committee Raja Mohammad Azam Khan, President Action Committee Mirza Ashiq Hussain Jarral, Secretary General Communications Committee sardar Rasheed Jamal, Secretary General Action Committee Mohammad Farooq Ch, Raja Abdur Rehman, Mohammad Idress Qureshi, Mirza Zafar Iqbal, Contractor Mohammad Gulzar, Haji Raja Mohammad Arif Khan, Mohammad Ameen Chohan, Ch Mohammad Hanif mamo, Haji Mustafa Allah, Khawaja Mohammad Shahzad, Raja Haq Nawaz.

These leaders in their own addresses said thatin 2011 at Dadiyal, and on his address of 2012, Islamabad should get the promises of the Pm fulfilled. After the Dam Evacuation the Affected are going through the worst period of economic disparity hence all the educated youngsters, as per the promise, should be given immediate employment, along with the availability of Sui Gas, the development of the Councils and immediate availability of PM Relief Package, Immediate establishment of Girls College, upgradation of Middle Girls and Boys School, The availability of Science teachers in Girls and Boys high Schools, Buffalo Colony and construction of Stadium, Construction of graveyard and allotment of extra land for graveyard.

These leaders further said that we are positively supporting the government from the past 3 years but the delaying tactics used by the government is saddening. We have always believe in peaceful struggle. The affected are continuing their support to the government due to their patriotism but the continued silence of the Azad Kashmir Government is alarming and giving rise to hatred feelings. The Government and the responsible should end this present feelings of restlessness so that the issue can be taken towards their resolution otherwise the responsibility of the worsening will be on Government.