Ahsan Masood Jailed for Four and Half years for Selling Drugs in Halifax

Ahsan Masood resident of Blackwood Grove, Halifax has been jailed for four-and-a-half years at Bradford Crown Court for supplying drugs.

Ahsan Masood form Halifax Jailed for selling drugs

Ahsan Masood form Halifax Jailed for selling drugs

He was searched for the first time in May last year after police stopped a car in Gibbet Street shortly after midnight and found some cannabis in the car he was traveling as passenger. Hundreds of pounds in notes, 3 Mobile Phones were seized and when Masood was searched at the police station a plastic bag contains five rocks of crack cocaine were was found on his right ankle.

At Bradford Crown Court, he denied owning any of the phones which contained drug-related messages. He was bailed, but in June police officers discovered 50 wraps of heroin and cocaine which had been discarded in the rear of one of their vehicles.

A few days later Ahsan Masood was stopped by police in the Otley Street area of Halifax but he tried to ran off and discarded various items which later turned out to contain another 50 wraps of crack cocaine.

He was bailed again, but he was finally jailed for 4 and half years after he admitted a series of offences including possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply.

Original News Source: Halifax Courier