Aged father thrown into the streets by greedy merciless sons in Bhimber

Bhimber resident Muhmmad Rafiq Khan together with his daughter and mentally retarded son revealed the truth behind the eviction of him by his sons in a press conference at Kashmir Press Club.

Aged father is the owner of residential house and 4 commercial shops near Mirpur Chowk. His sons Majid Islam and Amjad Islam wanted to take procession. When Muhmmad Rafiq refused, they threw him out into the streets.

Heartbroken, he shared his story with journalist in Kashmir Press Club accompanied by his daughter Rubina Kawal and his mentally retarded son. He declared that he shall remove his mercenary and callous sons from his will. Now he is currently staying with his daughter and taking medicines for his illness. He took this opportunity to call upon PM Azad Kashmir and Commissioner to exact justice.

We are appalled by this callous and mercenary thinking. For money blood will turn on blood. This sadly is not a new tale. History has shown time and time again how money can play with feeble minded man’s mind and turn him into a ghost of who he/she used to be. an example is Nepalese Massacre. In the Nepalese Royal Massacre, Prince Dependra killed 9 family members in a fit of range. It is believed he coveted the throne but ultimately he too died and his brother inherited the throne.

We wish Muhmmad Rafiq a speedy recovery and that odds be ever in his favor.