After 7 years of Trial, Man who raped School Teacher, behind bars in Mirpur

In 2009 IslamGarh, a school teacher on her way back home for school was accosted by Techseel Akhtar aided by his friends, her to an abandoned plot and proceeded to rape her. 6 years later court sentences Sohail Akhtar to 7 years in prison.

The victim filled a police report with launched an investigation. During that period rapist Sohail Akhtar sought refuge abroad in UK and was brought back by Interpol for questioning. Due to the substantial evidence against he was found guilty of charge leveled at him and High Court Judge Justice Sardar Hameed Khan sentenced him to 7 years of justice.

While on one hand we are very happy to see proper carriage of justice being done and cannot imagine the relief the lady in question must have left knowing such a barbaric man is behind bars, yet we cannot be consoled by how long it took for ruling to be passed. We would like to take this opportunity and encourage all women to stand up for their right in this male chauvinistic society. The system albeit slow will see you through.