Afgani’s are back in Mirpur district 4, challenging the National Action Plan

The National Action Plan and its future seems to be in trouble as the Afghani’s are back.

They were deported due to various reasons, but they have taken the help of a few locals to come back and settle in Mirpur.

National Action Plan is in trouble, as it did not work.

The locals are demanding for a checks and balances system, that keeps the order in check. These Arghani’s need to go return home, as they are only welcomed by a few and not the entire society.

They have sneaked their way in by the help of a few locals, and have even started working again.

The locals are looking at the huge question mark after the National Action Plan, as it was of no use.

The locals feels threatened by their presence, and they feel they are at a security risk, hence these Afghani’s should be deported again.