Adil and Mohsen tobe sentenced on December 19 for killing Aleena, 9, in Lancashire

Adil Manir, 19, had been racing in Audi A5 with a Volkswagen Golf driven by his friend Mohsen Saddique, 22, before the collision in Bacup Road, Rawtenstall which hit and killed Aleena Kausar, from Rawtenstall, Lancashire on September 18 last year.

Aleena Kausar, was walking to a local mosque with her mother and received serious injuries after Audi a5 hit her at the scene, she was airlifted to Royal Blackburn Hospital but could not survive and died.

Mohsen Saddique resident of Wheatholme Street, Rawtenstall was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving by jury at Burnley Crown Court. Adil Manir resident of Beech Street, Rossendale, pleaded guilty to the same offence of dangerous driving.

In CCTV footage both Adil Manir and Mohsen Saddique were seeen driving their vehicles up to 64 mph. Over speeding took life of innocent girl who was walking along the pavement with her mother.

The irresponsible and dangerous driving and racing cars in a busy area has led to the worst possible outcome on the family of Aleena Kausar. It will has left lasting impact with family of Aleena.

Both drivers Adil Manir, 19, of Audi A5 and Mohsen Saddique, 22, of Volkswagen Golf will be sentenced on December 19, 2016.