Abu Ali, 19, killed himself wiht Tranquilisers 1,000 times stronger than Morphine in Worthing

Abu Ali, 19, resident of Worthing, West Sussex had powerful elephant tranquillisers delivered to his home, after ordering it on the notorious dark web.

Ali overdosed on the drug and was tragically found dead in his room by his younger brother. His death sparked a large biohazard response from emergency services. His body had to be removed in a biohazard bag to prevent anyone from becoming infected.

Student Abu was able to purchase the drug, which is used as an anaesthetic for elephants, on the dark web. All suggestions are that he bought it on the dark web, which in itself is concerning to me.

‘It’s potency is 1,000 times more strong than morphine and it can be absorbed through the skin; that was why they had to proceed on the basis that it was a hazardous material.’

The inquest also heard Abu, a keen badminton player described as a ‘future star’ in tributes made on Facebook, left a note saying he took the drug.

Mr Wilkinson said of the note: ‘He had made it absolutely clear to everyone that is what he had used in order to protect everyone else.

‘Abu was caring and considerate to the end.’

The inquest heard he had achieved good A-Level results and had been preparing to go to university to study sports science, but kept his anguish in the run up to his death hidden from his family.

Original News Source : DM