Aamer Ali, Stole £1.25 Million Items through PayPal, hide them in “Aladdin’s Cave” in Bradford

Finally Bradford police busted open an illicit “Aladdin”s Cave” of stolen and counterfeit goods worth £1.25 million laundered through PayPal accounts in Bradford.

It took 4 years for the detective to capture the culprits Aamer Ali,32 resident of Richmond Road, Halifax and Naveed Zaman, 30, resident of Rhodes Street, Halifax.

Aamer Ali and Naveed Zaman hired some people in order to use their eBay, PayPal and bank accounts to buy and sell items on eBay, with most of the items stolen from lorries and trucks throughout England. Zaman and Ali were the masterminds behind this professional and sophisticated scheme, recruiting others who could be trusted in order to keep their own identity anonymous.

Aamer Ali, was caught ‘red-handed’ unloading stolen computer monitors from a lorry into his rented offices in West Riding House in Cheapside, Bradford. seize a huge haul of counterfeit goods from the offices, including over 800 games consoles.

perfume and even garden furniture. televisions and computer monitors, counterfeit games, game controllers, were sold on eBay.

Both friends Aamir and Naveed were jailed for 18 year at Bradford Crown Court.

Original News Source : Asian Express