A protest was held against the violence conducted on the participants of Azadi and Inqalab Marches and the Journalists in Islamabad

Mirpur, A protest was held in Mirpur Azad Kashmir against the violence done on the participants of Azadi and Inqalab March and Journalists in Islamabad. The protests was attended by the workers of Pakistan Tehrik-e- Insaf, Pakistan Awami Tehrik, MQM, Majlis e Wahdat Muslemeen and the members of other organizations, workers and public in large numbers.

The protest began at Quaide Azam Chowk and Protestors raised slogans against the Nawaz Sharif Government in Mian Mohammad Road, Allama Iqbal Road and Chowk Shaheedan and against the violence conducted in Islamabd. Protestors raised skyhigh slogans of “Go Nawaz, Go”. While addressing the public in Chowk Shaheedan the Protesting Debators said that they strongly condemn the act of terrorism and violence conducted in Islamabad and demanded the immedite resignation of PM Nawaz Sharif because now the government can not tolerate them.