A Married Woman was Enjoying the Beautiful Weather with her two Lovers

Married woman with lovers

Married woman with lovers

She was arrested with her two lovers, and taken to the local police station.

Khari Shareef, a married woman was arrested with her two lovers.

They were arrested on spot and taken to the police station for further enquiry.

According to sources, Afzal Pur police station questioned the arrested on the matter, after they were found in a weird state near the canal. There were sitting in a suspicious manner, and the police reacted on their behavior.

Babar, son of Moahmmed Ali, resident of Bun Hurma, Moahmmed Ramzan, son of Jamil, resident Bun Hurma, were arrested with a married woman from Islam Ghar, currently living in Mirpur.

The police asked for a medical report, and filed an investigation.