A man from Bolton, amongst the martyrs of Crane Collapse tragedy in Mecca

Qasim Akram, 33, martyred in crane collapse event in Mecca performing Hajj. He was married and a father of four children. It was his first Hajj and he went there with his parents. He is among those 107 people who got martyred in this event.
He was a private hired driver and was married and had four children; youngest must be 2 years old. He is said to be a very honest and helping man. He was in the same area as his parents at the time of accident, maybe a few steps ahead, when this happened. The crane fell and his parents lost him. They just found about his dead body yesterday.
He belonged to a big family and the family is at great loss. He was also an active member of one of the mosques in Bolton. The crane is said to have fell down before of strong storm and heavy rain due to which 107 people died and 238 got injured. More than 103 medical and rescue teams were sent by Saudi Civil defense authority.