A house collapsed in F1 Sector due to Recent Rains in Mirpur

Mirpur (Raja Zulfiqar) The house of a Sector F1 resident collapsed due to the recent rains. The boundary wall and roof of the house fell down.

According to details, due to the recent rains, the walls and roof of a house collapsed. The resident of a settlement in Sector F1 Khlil Ahmed Rehmani blamed the rains for destroying his home and demanded from the administration to provide him immediate relief.

He further said that in this time of inflation it is not just difficult but downright impossible to spend your life. I belong to a poor family and am the sole bread earner for them, the recent rains have caused widespread destruction in Azad Kashmir and have collapsed the boundary wall of my house. I appeal to all high authorities especially to the Deputy Commissioner Mirpur to provide for the losses. Khalil Ahmed Rehmani said it has become difficult to earn the next meal in present scenario.