A driver returned 38 lac rupees to its owner in Nakyal

Nakyal: A citizen set an example of honesty in Nakyal Azad Kashmir. He returned a bag of 38 lac rupees to its owner. The owner of the bag lost it in the middle of the road; a van driver found the bag and returned it to him.

According to details, Master Hanif, who is the owner of currency exchange, was taking a bag full of 38 lac rupees to work this morning. He dropped the bag by mistake in the middle of the road as he was travelling on a bike. Afterwards, while crossing the road, M.Akram, who is a retired Army Soldier and now a driver of a van, AH- 273, took up the bag thinking it might be some kid’s books. He found out about the money and discussed it with some people. Master Hanid somehow contacted him and after making sure that it belongs to Master Hanif, he returned the bundle to him. We asked about his reward of doing such an honest thing, he said that he was offered a tea by Master but he thankfully refused the offer.