A 21 year old, young man passed away after getting electric shock from drill machine

Mirpur, A 21 year old young man passed away after getting electric shock while working. The victim was a resident of Samahini and was repairing electrical wiring. At the news of his death, his family and relatives immediately arrived in Mirpur. Police station Thothal have begun investigating the reasons for the victims mysterious sudden death.

According to details, Saeed Ur Rehman s/o Shakoor Hussain resident Kalachi Ghari Tehsil Samahini, Mirpur, was working as a Helper with Contractor Maqbool in an under construction site in Sector F-3 1, when he went upstairs to bring drill machine, but got tangled in its wires and received severe electric shock. He was shifted immediately to the hospital but could not be revived.

Due to the suspicious and sudden circumstances of his death, police took the body of the victim in their custody and have begin their investigations. The relatives and family were deeply affected and grieved by the sudden loss.