9th Class Girl, Raped, Filmed and Blackmailed to extort 15 Lac Rs in Jhelum Pakistan

Gang of 4 arrested included 2 woman who raped a school Girl, and filmed her for blackmailing in Jhelum, Pakistan. Gang demanded 15 lac rupees from girl and was threaten to get her videos viral on social media. She was forced to poison her parents as well. She was raped multiple times and every time she was filmed by the gang.

Gang Member Umair who raped girl in Jhelum

Gang Member Umair who raped girl in Jhelum

According to details school girl who cannot be named for legal reasons resident of Machine Muhalla, Jhelum who is 9th grade student at a government school was lured by her class fellow named Aleena to her home. Where Aleena introduced victim with her mother name Shakeela.

Then it become a routine that Aleena took victim girl to her home, one day she introduced her with 2 boys Umair and Qadeer who later raped her and filmed the acts. After raping and filming they started blackmailing her. They used to call her at house and rape her and Aleena’s mother demanded 15 lac rupees from girl and threaten her to make her video viral on social media.

At one point Shakeela asked her to poison her parents, it was then victim girl went to police station where she reported the case, police registered FIR agaisnt Uamir, Qadeer, her class fellow Aleena and Aleena’s mother Shakeela and have started inquiry.

Police arrested Uamir so far and is searching for other gang members.