9 year old girl killed in a car crash

A nine year old girl named Aleena from Rawtenstall got killed in collision with a car. Aleena’s family paid tribute to her saying that she was a very caring and loving child. The accident occurred when the girl was walking with her mother around 5pm on Friday. The collision occurred after 5pm on Bacup Road in Rawtenstall by Audi A5.

In a tribute, the family said that their whole family has been devastated by this tragedy. Aleena was a very loving child. She touched the lives of everyone she met. But they are thankful to God for these 9 years that they have had her.
A 19 year old man and 22 year old man were suspected by the police for this accident and were arrested. After investigation, they were released on bail until further inquiry on November 30.
The family also said that they were overwhelmed by the response of well-wishers and they would always be thankful to all of them. They also thanked Lancashire police for helping them in this difficult time. Aleena was transferred to Royal Blackburn Hospital where she lost her life. Officers are still investigating and are waiting for the witnesses to come up and help them in finding what exactly happened there.