8th grader does in a road accident-Kotli

Mariam daughter of Mehboob Khan dies as she was going to school after their bike crashed into a car.

In Kothli Sarda and 8th grader Mariam was going to school with her government employed father Mehboob Raja on a motorbike. When he was crossing Sadra, a government car coming from the opposite side collided into him and Mehboob Raja lost control of the bike. It spun out of control and rolled onto itself. Mariam died on the spot and her father sustained serious injuries. The police immediately sent Mehboob to DHQ hospital for medical care. Mairam after her funeral prayer was buried in her hometown graveyard.

We hope police has arrested whoever was responsible for the crash and subsequent death of Mariam. If no example is made out of this incident then we are basically every rule breaking driver out there a free ticket to continue breaking rules ans there is no accountability for ones actions.