8 years jail to the man for repeatedly raping a woman in England

Keighley: a man was sentenced to 8 years of jail for raping and assaulting a woman and behaving like an animal. The man attempted 6 rapes on the woman and is described as an evil looking animal by the victim. He is paranoid, depressed and insecure.

Muhammad Imran Ditta, 29, of Bradford Street, Keighley has raped a woman 6 times. He was sentenced before as well for fraud. When he was released, he started assaulting this woman. The story came into light when the woman jumped out of his car one day. She did not tell anyone about it before as she was terrified of him. She had bruises all over her body. She said that he behaves like an animal and told the court that she had been raped by a complete stranger as well and Ditta knew about it. He raped her three times in a row one day.

Ditta’s lawyer says that he has accepted all these allegations and is guilty. He is very sad and remorseful about his act and wants to bring change in himself. And want to get help as well for his condition. He is financially unstable and in a lot of mental pressure. The judge gave orders for the protection of woman in the future.