8 suspects arrested for beating a Muslim man to death in India

India: eight men were arrested for beating a Muslim farmer to death in Bisara village for keeping meat in his house. Hindus worship cows as they are very sacred to them religiously. They killed the old farmer just because he kept meat in his house.

According to information, a mass of 60 Hindus became enraged on hearing that a man is slaughtering their cows and keeping the beef in his house. They dragged 52 years old Muhammad Akhlaq and his son out of their house and started beating them until the old man died. They beat them with bricks and sticks; the son is alive but is seriously injured.
In India, slaughtering of cows has been banned in many areas as they consider it holy. Many cows of farmers went missing and they suspected it has been done by Muslims to slaughter them. Police is investigating that whether it was beef or meat of goat. M. Akhlaq’s daughter claimed that it was meat from the sacrifice they made on this EID ul Azha. And the attack occurred just after a few days of eid.