70 Years Old Man Caught Red Handed with 2 Girls in Unacceptable Condition in Dadyal

 Baba Muhammad Khaliq, 70, caught with 2 girls

Baba Muhammad Khaliq, 70, caught with 2 girls

70 years old Baba Muhammad Khaliq son of Alif Din resident of Raipur village Dadyal, cast Bhains Rajput, caught red handed by Dadyal Police along with 2 young girls whom he booked from Jhelum for his S*xual Pleasure and gratification.

Dadyal police station along with lady constable raid in Raipur village and arrested an old Man Muhammad Khaliq of 70 years old with young girls, of his grand daughters ages, one resident of Dina and other resident of Jhelum.

SHO Javaid ur Rehman of Dadyal Police Station along with lady constable Aneela Irshaad raided Raipur village which comes under jurisdiction of Daydal Police station and found Baba Muhammad Khaliq involved in indecent activities with two young girls of his grand daughters age, whom he paid money and booked them to Dadyal for his S*xual desires.

Police arrested Old man and 2 young girls and put them behind bars. Local people demanded to give them strict punishment to avoid such incidents in future.

All those who came to know about the old man, and his activities, bring their hands to their ears and do “Tuba Astaghfar”.