7 years old Boy Murdered and found with his Throat Slit in Kotli

A 7-year-old boy was found murdered under mysterious circumstances with his throat slit in Outer Seri Sarsawa area under the jurisdiction of Choki Sarsawa, Kotli police station on Monday. The body of the child was found in room where animal or kept.

Kotli Police is investigating the case from many angles. The deceased has been identified as Faizan, son of Mr. Kala. When family members of Faizan found his dead body with slit throat they immediately called and informed the police who came to the spot, police sent the body in Kotli District Hospital for post-mortem after that it was handed over to family.

Faizan’s parents claim that they had no personal enmity with anyone that someone would murder their child in order to take revenge.

It was Faizan’s elders cousin wedding day and Faizan along with his family came to Kotli to attend wedding. During rain child went missing in evening. Her mother start searching for him and found his dead body in room where pet animals are kept. When she saw her son’s dead body she cried and guest at wedding gathered and called police.

Police has started investigation of case and searching for murderer who killed little soul.


7 years old Faizan who was murdered in Kotli

7 years old Faizan who was murdered in Kotli


Faizan’s Aunt Killed him with help of her Lover, She was in Nikah (No Rukhsti yet) and on day of murder her wedding was going on. After police arrest her she confessed that she did not like her husband whom she had Nikah. She loves another boy and to stop wedding she along with her lover killed Faizan.

Police has arrest both Faizan’s Aunt and her Lover.