7 people injured in a car accident, 2 seriously injured referred to a Hospital in Islamabad

7 people were injured in a car accident as the wheel of the car bursed, 2 severely injured referred to Islamabad,

Mirpur, The tyre of a car, loaded with fish and traveling from Mangla to Mirpur, bursed at the point of Chitarpari. The driver lost control of the car resulting in the accident. The driver was referred to Islamabad in serious condition and 4 other men were also injured.

In another incident, a motorcycle, travelling from Mirpur to Chitarpari, collided with barbed wires, injuring 3 men, of which 1 seriously injured was referred to Islamabad.

Hence, in 2 different incidents 8 people were injured who were immediately shifted to the hospital. A large number of people gathered at the hospital.