7-month old girl died as roof collapsed in Jatlan, Mirpur

7 month old girl died as roof collapsed, her brother was injured in the process.

Jatlan, A seven-month old girl died and her brother was severely injured as a roof of a house fell down due to heavy rains. Villagers all gathered on site immediately and took both the children out from the rubble.

The girl was buried in her native graveyard after her final prayers. Parents and relatives were devastated by the loss

According to details, in Jatlaan, there was a heavy rainfall yesterday, the two children of Mohammad Fayyaz, were inside the house when suddenly, the roof collapsed. As a result, the 7 month old little girl died, on spot, whereas her brother was badly injured, who was immediately taken to the hospital.

All the residents of the area immediately gathered on site, and hundreds participated in the final prayers of the little girl.