6 year old girl-apple of her parent’s eye finishes Quran

In the small district of Mirpur, the 6 year of niece of journalist Waqas Resheed Mughal, Zainab Mehmood completes her Quran. The proud parents celebrate their happiness with local community and media.

In District Mirpur, Zainab becomes one of the young people who have competed recitation of Holy Quran. Her parents distributed sweets to locals celebrating their happiness.Everyone was very happy to congratulate Zainab and prayed that for her welfare and prosperous future. The honored parents also told media that they will InshahAllah make Zainab a Hafiza-e-Quran. We all wish Zainab well support her in her endeavors to become Hafiza.

Zainab is a testament of our Islamic Community striving bringing pride and joy to all. We hope to see many more Zainabs and parents like Zainab to encourage their children to become religious paragons.