5 years and counting- still no ID card-Nadra workplace of playground?

Negligence on behalf of Nadra office made Kashmiri prisoner in his own state.

Resident of Bigrot Bigaliya Muhammad Shaheen Shahi, had submitted application for the renewal of his ID card at Nadra approximately 5 years ago. And yet Muhammad Shahbir is still without an ID card.

Physically and mentally drained from visiting Nadra day after day but to no avail, Shahbir told his woeful tale to journalists at Kashmir Press Club. According to him even visit to Nadra Head office yielded nothing. Due to Nadra office negligence, Shabir is facing considerable trouble in handling his day to day life chores. He is not able to travel or open a bank account.

Such restrictions chaff and Shabir humbly requests governmental authorities to resolve this issue posthaste so that he can live like that of a normal citizen of Pakistan rather than that of an escaped convict.