5 more Indian bombs recovered from Palaak Bridge, Agencies became active

Chakswari- 5 more Indian made bombs recovered near Palaak Bridge, with no estimate of the bombs that might have floated into Mangla Dam, River Poonch and River Jhelum. There is an increased fear among the citizens. The responsible departments took immediate action and have demanded to tell India to watch its steps.

According to details, from the last few days from many areas including, River Poonch, River Jhelum and Mangla Dam many Indian made Martor bombs and various other dangerous bombs have been recovered.

Yesterday some Passerby saw 5 Indian Made Bombs near Palaak Bridge Chakswari and informed the police. Police took timely action and diffused all the bombs. The citizens are very worried with repeated episodes of the recovery of bombs. Whole villages have been destroyed by flood and in the midst of this God Forbids a bomb exploded than it would have resulted in a major catastrophe, therefore the responsible institutes should take timely action.