5 men of Dadyal got arrest in Mirpur upon Unethical Activities

Police arrest Zulfiqar and 4 other men, one man who got injured with their firing is admitted in Rawalpindi Hospital.

Residents of Samwal Shareef caught 5 men of Dadyal who were wandering around in Samwal Shareef around a house. Suspects opened fire when they saw local people are coming towards them.

One local resident was injured with firing of suspects. Local people with help of police surrounded them and arrest them. Police register FIR against Zulfikar resident of Dadyal and other 4 men who were with him.

Residents of Samwal Sharif told police they have seen these 5 men wandering around a house last day too. They told “Today when we decided to asked them about what they are doing here, they start fighting with us.”

Injured man named Babar s/o Nazir resident of Samwal Shareef was shifted to DHQ Mirpur from where he was shifted to Rawalpindi.

Afzalpur police locked them up who were doing suspicious activities in the area and started inquiry of this case.