5 Men jailed for robbing cash delivery Van with £615,000 in Camden

Gang of 5 men including driver of Van sentenced for robbing secure cash delivery company’s Van with £615,000 in in Camden area.

Fasile Mahmood had been working as a driver and to replenishing funds in cash machines for secure cash delivery company from last 6 years. Two members of team were responsible for the task, one for Driving Van and 2nd for for refilling the cash machines.

Every working day Faisal was provided with the route, Van and Cash to replenishing funds in cash machines and on April 2, 2014, they made their first delivery in the Chapel Market and then they completed cash delivery in Vauxhall Astra.

Two other members of the robbery gang, Attif Hussain and Aroon Choudry, had shadowed the security vehicle in a Vauxhall Astra. Two male suspects armed with a knife and a spanner at Grays Inn Road jumped in the front and rear of the vehicle and threatened them.

Suspect on rear side forced cash guard to open the safes to access cash. Other suspect on front side hit the van driver Fasile Mahmood and tied his hands and drove van Heathcote Street. Where cash £615,000 was kept in another vehicle of the two other gang members, Muhsin Ahmed and Saqib Ahmed.

Vehicle in which cash was loaded, was rented from Luton, while Driver Faisle Mahmood is also from Luton, which made Detective Constable suspicious. Also the route of security van is changed daily and is supplied on the day, driver collected that day’s delivery route and then disclosed with his other members.

5 men were jailed at Harrow Crown Court for a total of more than 37 years.

Fasile Mahmood, 26, of Fieldfare Green, Luton was jailed for 8 years for conspiracy to rob.

Muhsin Ahmed, 25, of Hampton Road, Luton was jailed for 6 years and 9 months for conspiracy to rob.

Attif Hussain, 30, of Dunstable Road, Luton was also jailed for 8 years for conspiracy to rob.

Aroon Choudry, 29, of Northdrift Way, Luton was also jailed for 7 years for conspiracy to rob.

Saqib Ahmed, 40, of St Mary’s Road, Manningham. Bradford was jailed for 7 years and 6 months for conspiracy to rob.

News Source: Metropolitan Police