Police successfully identifies gang of robbers

Gang of robbers swipe stores clean overnight! Police comb through hay as they try to uncover the felons.

Few days ago in city Dadyal, a gang of robbers teamed up and looted dozens of stores in one night. With ninja powers they picked locks and raided stores clean of anything worth something. While store owners armed up and hired armed security outside shops, police made this case their priority and zealously worked to run down the gang of unidentified criminals.

Their investigation finally went forward as SHO Imran Chaudhry received leads from his inside undercover source. The leader of this elaborate operation turned out to be none other than the son of a famous trader well established in his line of work.

We are very proud of our police force. This is just one of the difficult cases they have cracked since new year. It seems as if the police is living up to its new year resolution.