Inside on Rizwan Sarfaraz abuse case-Will justice be to Rizwan?

Rizwan Sarfaraz was at the receiving end of abuse from SHO Dadyal. Video evidence shows verbal abuse among other things.

At PWD open court MLA Minister Chaudhry Muhammad Afsar Shaid ordered Assistant Commissioner Dadyal to carry out investigation in Rizwan torture case. SC Dadyal has made DSP Dadyal in charge of this investigation.

Union for Justice head Raja Sarfaraz Khan, Translator Raja Habib, General Secretary Malik Tasoor Ali, Chief Organizer Haji Najib, and other senior members along with journalist met DSP Raja Karamat Allah. There victim Rizwan filed a complaint against the person who leaked video and his abuser.

Rizwan has been summoned to police station on 27/10/2015 by a report filed by an unknown person for questioning. According to him SHO Chaudhry Imran and Officer Naseeb detained Rizwan for three days without having concrete evidence to hold him. There he was cuffed and then abused verbally and physically. A video too was made which was later sent to his enemy breaking all laws and regulations.

After three long days and nights, he was released. When Rizwan asked to see the report that incriminated him, his request was denied and was told to evacuate the premises.

Beaten and bruised, Rizwan stumbled home only to find himself the laughing stock of the town. The video had found itself onto everyone’s phone. To make matters worse Rizwan the regular deadline for registration of FA exams had passed.

Rizwan presented the whole matter to SSP Arfan Saleem and filed a report who in turn made Officer SP Munchi Mirpur to oversee this case. Three months have come and gone and this case is yet to resolve.

We sincerely hope justice is done by Rizwan. The law makes everyone equal and no one is exempt from its clauses.The respected bodies should fulfill their obligations sincerely and honestly.