Wrongdoer try to intimidate his way out of a ticket

Wrongdoer turns tyrant! Man after breaking rules turns onto authorities for stopping him!

Khoi Ratta Bazaar a man riding Alto AC119 was caught red-handed by the traffic sergeant as it was going in the opposite direction on one way road.

Traffic Sergeant Jahangir and his officer stopped the car and gave the driver a ticket for blatantly disregarding traffic rules and regulations. Driver Imran instead of being mortified by his actions, started to yell at the sergeant at his audaciousness for stopping him.

The wrongdoer becomes accuser? Imran’s show of anger, is both amusing and saddening. Its difficult to contemplate about the fact that our fellow brothers and sisters are so steeped in vice that they see nothing wrong about it. Such thinking has been reinforced by the shortcomings of authoritative bodies in carrying out their duties. This behavior is not acceptable and this thinking pattern must be changed. Hopefully the carriage out justice will slowly and steadily teach people thst acts of aggression will not go unheeded.