[4/4] Wife of Disabled British Man Kidnapped by her Real Brother, Raped her for Money

Her Brother who is living illegally in U.K. (Already twice divorced) decided to take advantage of her and making money through it. He was in need of money as he was illegal in U.K.

A barber in area offered his flat above on his shops, where Barber, Barber’s worker, a travel agent assaulted and abused her over 2 days and nights from Christmas Day. Her Brother was paid money for this but not sure how much.

When her husband, disabled person, finally located her, Brother in Law took drastic measures and blamed the abuse on disabled person. But the Victim woman could not explain to police what happened or who did it. As she was illegal too and no case for her was yet registered, she too was taken into detention by home office for removal from country.

Disabled Person has a Girl from his first marriage, now his first wife has left him, second wife is in police custody and he has to take care of himself as well as his daughter.

He needs a person 24/7 to take care of him.

That’s it…

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