4 People inculding three injured in Car accident at Band Road Mirpur

Bund Road Car Accident in Mirpur

Bund Road Car Accident in Mirpur

An over speed car fell into deep ditch on Band Road, Mirpur. Driver and children in car receive minor injures who were shifted to DHQ Hospital Mirpur.

According to details a young driver along with 3 children of his family was driving white color coure car on Band road Mirpur. Due to over speed driver lost control of car and it fell in a ditch.

Driver and 3 children received minor injuries people around took them to District Headquarter Hospital Mirpur. Where they were given first aid and their family was informed.

Band Road constructed on bank of Mangla Dam is damaged due to poor construction and have many hurdles and jumps on road. Many motorcyclists have lost their lives on this road. Authorities should take notice to avoid major losses on this road in future.