4 British Pakistanis Facing Being Deportation to Pakistan for Child Grooming

Home Office, decided to Kick Out 4 British Pakistanis out of UK for child grooming, all 4 of them are now appealing against a Home Office decision to kick them out of the country.

MP Simon Danczuk says it’s a ‘time wasting loophole’ 4 men are convicted of child grooming offences Shabir Ahmed, 63, Abdul Aziz, 41, Adil Khan, 42, and Qari Abdul Rauf, 47, are appealing against being stripped of citizenship by the Home Secretary.

Decision on the men’s appeal against deportation will be delivered on this month.

Shabir Ahmed, 63, father of 4 children and married three times, came to UK at the age of 14 years, he said he had lived here for nearly 50 years and had £83,000 in a UK bank account. Shabir Ahmed led a child exploitation ring of 9 men who targeted vulnerable young girls in the Rochdale and Oldham areas of Greater Manchester. He was sentenced to 22 years

Qari Abdul Rauf, 47, a father of five, originally from Pakistan who also acted as a religious studies teacher at a mosque in Rochdale, was released on licence in 2015 after serving half of a six-year sentence for trafficking a girl, aged 15, to the UK for sex, and for having sex with the youngster himself.

Abdul Aziz, 41, a taxi driver, was cleared of two counts of rape but convicted of trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child and sentenced to 18 years. He ferried the girls as far as Leeds and Bradford and was paid by the stream of men who used the girls for sex, getting £40 for each introduction.

Adil Khan, 42, another taxi driver, was sentenced to 18 years for trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child. He came to Rochdale from Kashmiri Pakistan with his wife in 1997.

Immigration lawyers are “playing the system” to “delay and delay” on behalf of their clients.

Original News Source: Telegraph