19 Years Jail for 4 British Pakistani boys, Tortured Boy, 16, with Hot Iron, Lemon Juice and Salt in Oldham

Four British Pakistani teenagers have been jailed for total 19 years for torturing a 16 year old boy with a hot iron and \lemon juice and salt over the burnt body wounds left by hot iron.

4 Teenagers, Shohaib Khan, 17, Sufyan Khan, 16, Adam Hussain, 16, Ahsan Khan, 15 all residents of Oldham bring the 16 years old Victim boy at their home in Werneth, Oldham with the help of Sufyan Khan. They tied him with rope and tapped his mouth.

They stripped him and cut his hair beat him black and blue and then assaulted him. They burnt his back and other body parts with hot iron and then put salt and lemon juice on his burnt parts of body.

Victim was tortured and =assaulted by teenagers for several hours and then they let him go.

Shohaib Khan, 17, from Oldham, was jailed for 6.5 years. Sufyan Khan, 16, was jailed for 4 years, Adam Hussain, 16, from Oldham, was also jailed for 4 years. Ahsan Khan aged 15, was handed down a 5 year sentence.

Victim is left with life long wounds and scars and is terrified, he even could not tell his family what has happened to him.