36 years old Pakistani man stabbed his Father to death in Sharjah Dubai

In Kalba area of Sharjah, 36 years old Pakistani man killed his own father with knife over a minor dispute. According to details, Sher Bahadur Ali Khan who was working in Dubai, he called his son in Sharjah from Pakistan to join hands with him.

Sher Ali Khan helped him to gain driving licence and a cab to drive and earn in Sharjah. On the day of incident both father and son got into an argument at their home Kalba area of Sharjah, Dubai. Son could not control his anger and took knife from kitchen and stabbed his father in chest and other body parts.

After attack 36 years man escaped from scene, other family members took Sher Ali Khan to Kalba hospital, where he was admitted to the intensive care unit at Kalba Hospital suffering from a critical stab wound in the chest but he later died.

When police received the information, a team of CID officers rushed to the hospital and collected the report, which found that the victim died of stab wounds to the chest. Police team visited crime scene immediately. During interrogations, it was revealed that the Sher Ali Khan has a quarrel with his son due to family differences. During the heated discussion, son stabbed his father in the chest and fled the scene.

Police arrested him with in on hour and sent him to jail. Dead body of Sher Ali Khan was sent to Pakistan for his funeral. Incident happened on 18 October 2016