[3/4] Wife of Disabled British Man Kidnapped by her Real Brother, Raped her for Money

In 2012 their mother was became ill in Pakistan so they asked this disabled person to get her to UK for treatment, she came in UK for treatment but was passed away and disabled person did not have any money left to send her dead body in Pakistan so he had to resort to fraud to pay for that. This fraud later gave him a criminal conviction and a suspended prison sentence.

After mother’s death, there was one unmarried younger sister which the brothers could not take care of or get married. They sent her to U.K. on visit visa to live with disabled person so he could take care of her.

With disabled person not providing any money they told Elder sister Wife of Disabled man who had now British Passport, to take divorce. She took divorce and married another person ( who belong to Kotli and did not had permanent Stay) in exchange of money. 20 Lakhs Rs were paid back home in Mirpur to marry this British girl to get him permanent stay.

So the Disabled man was now left with only option to marry his Sister in Law who was on visit visa, to take care of him. So they agreed as she had no other place to go and was already living with him. They got married, but she had two miscarriages and this mentally broke her down whereby she lost her mind and could not know right from wrong. You could make her do anything you wanted to.

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