3 Young Friends Drowned in Kotli while Swimming in Water Channel

3 Class fellows of Fauji Foundation School drowned in a water channel near Maneel Bridge, Kotli while swimming. 2 others were rescued.

According to sources 5 students of 10th class from Fauji Foundation School came to Maneel Bridge, Kotli, for some recreation. In a reveling mood, they decided to dive simultaneously in Water Channel flowing under Bridge. They drowned at the point where water was gushing.

While hearing their screams people around came to rescue them, 3 of them were drowned and 2 were rescued by local people. Rescue teams also arrived and divers of rescue teams fished out bodies of 3 students.

Three students who drowned are Abdullah son of Wajid resident of Kurti, Kotli Distrcit, Hamza Shehzad son of Shehzad resident of Palandari, Bilal Aftab son of Professor Aftab resident of Rawalakot. While Ahsan Memood and Annas were rescued.

Hamza, Bilal and Abdullah who drowned in Maneel, kotli

Hamza, Bilal and Abdullah who drowned in Maneel, kotli

Dead bodies of victims were shifted to DHQ Hospital Kotli and their families were informed. A large number of people gathered on incident spot and out of Hospital. Afterwards dead bodies were shifted to their native home towns.

Tragic death of 3 young boys in Kotli sadden every one in the area.