3 Men and a woman indulged in non-Islamic activity, Arrested in Chitterpari

Three Men and A Woman Arrested in Islamia Muhalla of Chittepari, Mirpur indulged in non-Islamic activities by police.

According to details, Mangla Police was informed as per their private sources that at house of Muhammad Shafique in Chitterpari, 3 men and a woman are indulged in profanity. With consent of area’s magistrate, SHO Mangla Police Raja Imtiaz, raided at house and found a woman named “R” along with Yasir Mehmood resident of Nomaal Muhallah Chitterpari in inappropriate condition.

From another room police arrest Waqas and Yaqoob resident of Chitterpari. Police arrest them on the basis of Act of Zina 10/18ZHA, case was filed against the guilty.

Muhammad Yaqoob is said to be appointed as Security Guard by Muhammad Shafique. In depth investigation has started to get more insights.