3 Childhood Friends Murdered on name of Honour in Gujar Khan, Pakistan

A friend killed his 3 childhood friends of same street in Ward No. 11 of Gujar Khan on name of honour after one of them had developed illicit relationship with his sister.

The firing incident took place in Ward-11 of Gujar Khan, the deceased were identified as Badar Ali, Abdul Rahman and Muhammad Umar.

Alleged killer, Muhammad Shehbaz, is in custody of police, and has confessed to the crime.

Friend Killed 3 Childhood Friend on name of Honour in Gujar Khan

Friend Killed 3 Childhood Friend on name of Honour in Gujar Khan

According to details, four friend ( Muhammad Shehbaz, Badar Ali, Abdul Rahman and Muhammad Umar) of same street Jamia Masjid Street of Ward No. 11 of Gujar Khan went to Qureshi Hotel on late night on Tuesday 18 April 2017 to have a cup of tea. On their way back they stopped at Baba Sheikh Talib Badshah Darbar for gossips.

At 12 o clock they left for their homes, when they reached in the middle of their street, due to light load shedding there was dark in the street, Muhammad Shahbaz pulled out his pistol and opened fire on Muhammad Umar, 3 bullets were fired on his chest and he fell down. Badar Ali and Abdul Rahman ran away but Muhmmad Shehbaz followed them and about few yards away in same street opened fire on Abdul Rahman and killed him, and then again ran after Badar Ali and shot him dead few yard away in same street.

Due to late night and darkness in the street no body knew what happened exactly, when light came in and people saw 3 dead bodies lying on street they gathered and took them to hospital, mean while Muhmmad Shehbaz who went to his house after killing them, also came out of house and helped people to shift them in hospital. He showed sympathies to deceased families as well.

SHO Gujar Khan Police station arrested Muhmmad Shehbaz on and took him to police station and with in few minutes Muhmmad Shehbaz told police that he has killed them on name of honour and told that Muhammad Umar had developed illegal relationships with his sister.

He also told police about his two accomplices Muhammad Shahzad and Muhammad Sammi who helped him in killings. Police registered FIR on complaint and is searching for Muhammad Shahzad son of Muhammad Rafique and Muhammad Sammi son of Muhammad Shahid residents of Ward No. 11, Gujar Khan who are on run.

Every one was Shocked and sad upon murder of three young men of same street in Gujar Khan.