[2/4] Wife of Disabled British Man Kidnapped by her Real Brother, Raped her for Money

The two Girls got married to disabled brothers in exchange for their brothers to get sponsors to UK and help with building houses for family in Pakistan.

After marriage one disabled UK person refused to do that but other one (Who is Victim) helped out as he felt he had to keeps his father’s word, the deal. Over 14 years he paid near to 70 lakh rupees to family in Mangla for various things and to help in difficulties including, building houses for all brothers, jewellery and marriage costs of theirs, funeral costs etc.

3 brothers came to U.K. Via sponsorship with one getting to stay here by paying for his passport (£10,000) 2nd was returned back, 3rd one stayed in UK illegally.

4th brother who was not able to get visa on repeated attempts so instead he pushed to get a car from this disabled person which he later sold and used that money to send his wife to UK on visit visa and tried to persuade disabled person to marry her for permanent stay but that did not happen so she returned back.

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