2 years old Ayman Faisal, may never speak after he drink Bleach Bottle in Manchester

2 years old boy, Ayman Faisal picked a drain cleaner bottle from shelf in supermarket and drink it, while he was shopping with his mother, Saira Faisal, in Safa Superstore in Moss Side, Manchester.

Mother, Saira Faisal, 37, says son Ayman grabbed the bottle which contained caustic soda from a shop shelf and drank the liquid, leaving him unable to speak or eat.

Saira Faisal strapped into his pushchair left him to get some things few seconds after she came back, she saw there was blood coming out of his mouth.

The incident happened in January 2013, the child remained for 6 months in hospital. Tracheostomy tube is installed in his neck to make him breathe and a feeding tube in stomach.

Ayman who is now 6 years old can now only eat or drink special milk feeding tube in his stomach. He no longer can speak the only way he can communicate is sign language.

Parents are now suing the shop and the manufacturer of the drain cleaner. The 2 years old kid has opened the bleach bottle, and of course the bottle cap was not child-proof. Saira Faisal said what has happened to her son, but she doesn’t want it to happened with anyone else.

Source : MEN / Mirror