2 robberies in one night? Coincidence? Or planned robbery?

When did burglary become a profession of choice? Why is everyone resorting to robbery as a way of livelihood? In the past few months in Chowk Sahabah there has been quite a few cases of robbery reported to police. An overview if them is as follow:

The most recent robbery was in the house of Sayed Shakeel Hussain Shah. The said man had gone to Muzaffarabad on an errand. In his absence in the dead of the night, robbers came and stole his beat-up motorbike. They then locked the room in which the family was sleeping using a rope.

The next morning when Shakeel’s son Rakeeb Hussain woke up at 6:00 am to get dressed for college, he realized that they ware barricaded in. After much shoving and pushing he manged to open the door. a quick look around the house he saw that their bike has been stolen. He immediately called up his father and informed him about the situation.

Shakeel informed senior minister Muhammad Yaseen who told the police to handle this matter posthaste. Police Station Nar SHO Shehzad Ahmed and DSP Ch Ansar began to investigate the robbery. Their efforts not only recovered stolen property but arrested also 4 suspects.

The second robbery strangely happened in the same night at the house of Chaudhry Gulzar. They stole the keys that gave them access to his land and looted them. The culprits behind this robbery have not yet been arrested and police suspects them to be same as those that forced entry into Shakeel Hussain’s house. Further investigation will reveal truth.

Last month there was a robbery at Ch Matloob Hussain and Haji Gul Muhammad house. The burglars stole hundreds of thousands of worth jewelry and cash. The convicts sadly could not be identified and brought to justice.

These incidents has raised a feeling of misgiving inside locals and rightly so. How is one suppose to feel safe when these individuals break all laws and force entry into our homes. We sincerely hope police is successful in running down all convicts and robbers living in our midst.