2 houses collapsed in Burjun Islamgarh due to stormy rains

Islam Garh (6th September2014- Bureau Report) Recent stormy rains in Burjun have caused wide spread destruction.

In Burjun, the houses of Haji Asghar and Abdul Khaliq collapsed. The crops of corn were destroyed. There was land sliding on Kaneeli Sahara Road and Rara Burjun Road at multiple places resulting in road blockage, paralyzing the life in these areas.

According to details, like in the whole country, rains have wrecked havoc in Burjun and its surrounding areas. The resident of Burjun, Haji Asghar’s house collapsed which affected the possession present in the house as well. However, no deaths have been reported.

Due to heavy rainfall, land sliding has occurred on various places at Kaneli Sahar and Rara Burjun Road, resulting in traffic blockade and entrapping the people in their homes.