2 Greedy British-Pakistani Women Looking for Wealthy Groom Conned Out of £250K

AN ONLINE dating fraudster Tahmoor Khan, 32, wrecked the lives of two vulnerable Asian women of his own community after conning them out of £250,000, has been jailed for 8.5 years.

2 British-Pakistani Women Looking for Wealthy Groom Conned Out of £250K By  Tahmoor Khan

2 British-Pakistani Women Looking for Wealthy Groom Conned Out of £250K By Tahmoor Khan

Gambling addict Tahmoor Khan, 32, of Bude Road, West Bowling, who had amassed £80,000 gambling debts at casinos, pretended as a wealthy businessman to take advantage of two women he contacted through the dating website singlemuslims.

To one Victim woman whom he met on dating website, he told her he is the owner of a car hire business, had a £2 million fortune and owned a Bentley. He promised her to marry her, and his attentions on the website are to find a life partner. He won her trust and when relationship developed between them, Tahmoor asked for some money as his business is some cash flow problem and promised her to pay her back.

Tahmoor Khan persuaded the lady to pay a £4,000 deposit to lease a Land Rover, which he took possession of. When the hire purchase company threatened to repossess the vehicle, she paid more than £50,000 to buy it.

Tahmoor Khan promised her that she will get money, after he sells this vehicle. And this way Tahmoor Khan took £116,000 out of pocket and never paid her back.

Tahmoor Khan con another woman on same website by showing himself a wealthy businessman and millions of pounds in his bank. After winning her trust, Khan told her that his assets are forzen and he need some money, poor lady transferred £20,500. Then Khan persuaded her to pay £50,000 to set marriage date.

Tahmoor Khan took £125,000 out of her pocket and never gave back. Then case was reported to police, Khan was arrested and admitted owing money but denied committing fraud.

Due to Pakistani cultural background both women could not tell their family members about whats going on with them, as it might bring shame to them and their family in community.

One victim was terrified that it would become public news, and would be seen as extremely shameful as a Pakistani woman. She said he was able to use cultural constraints to manipulate her. Victim woman had become depressed and unable to eat, and had suicidal thoughts.

The second victim had made two suicide attempts. She was depressed and ashamed and had relocated from her home in Manchester to another part of the country.