2 Girls aged 14 and 15 raped and then Hanged from tree in India

In Uttar Pradesh state of India 2 girls aged aged 14 and 15 years old raped by a group of 5 men. Both girls who were cousin to each other were found missing during night. Family members of girls reported in police but police ignored their complaint as both girls belongs to community called “Untouchables” means members of this community are not supposed to touch, if any Hindu from a High Rank cast touches them are shakes hands with them he become “Na Paak”, “Paleed”.

Early morning both girls were found hanged from a tree. Family members of both girls protested and mentioned 5 men of their village as suspect who raped and killed their girls. Police arrest 1 of them and is searching for other.

After death of girls news broke in Media and police & govt officials took notice, they suspend 2 policemen who ignored the complaint in night.

Police said that it is not clear either girls were killed and hanged by rapists are both girls committed suicide. Investigation continuous.

India is a country where a girl is raped every 22 minutes across the country and dozens of cases are not reported yet.

Uttar Pradesh is the state where Newly elected Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi won his seat. Today Narendra Modi quit his Vadodara Lok Sabha seat, choosing to retain Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, where the BJP recorded a landslide victory bagging 71 of the 80 seats in the recent elections.