2 Female Social Media Stars, Married to same man who posed as an ‘exorcist’ have apologised Followers

Umm Abdullah al-Hasanat instagram @ummxabdullah alongside her partner Abu Abdullah Hasanat instagram @hasanatofficial have more than a million followers between them on Instagram.

They regularly shared videos of themselves conducting Ruqya’s.
Ruqya’ is treatment using the Quran and certain effective supplications which are said to have healing effects.

The videos were seen and shared by millions of users across the world.

On social media the couple were joined by a second woman, Sister Sarrah who it was said was the second wife of Hasanat.

Among others both women recently fronted a video entitled ‘The Jinn Series – Footlicking Jinn’ receiving 300,000 hits on YouTube.

And in this post shared on June 12 Umm Abdullah tells her followers that her friend and husband are now married.

Umm Abdullah and Hasanat explain the issues concerning ‘Evil Eye’. It was a familiar style through which Umm Abdullah aimed to smash steroetypes of veiled women.

Last week though users noticed that Umm Abdullah posts, when she is seen wearing a veil were similar of another user who is a model. This led to many more questioning the authenticity of the Ruqya services themselves.

Three days ago a message on Umm Abdullah’s social media pages stated that the account had been taken over by her family. It said, “Please note in light of recent events as of today Umm Abdullah’s social media accounts on all platforms have been taken over temporarily by her family.